1066 Threshold Choir

The 1066 Threshold Choir serves Hastings (East Sussex, UK) and surrounding areas. It is part of a large charitable organization founded in the U.S. whose aim is to bring comfort to those on the threshold of death by singing gentle, comforting songs at bedsides. The simple, harmonious songs are equally suited to be sung to those who are not at the end of life but who would nonetheless enjoy the deeply relaxing quality of this meditative music. When invited, we visit in groups of two to four singers. There is no fee for the choir to sing at a bedside, although donations are very welcome.

The singers spend time practising the songs in order to sing them in an intuitive way, from the heart. Listening attentively to each other and responding to the energy of the person being sung for, the choir blends its voices, creating beautiful, soothing harmonies that can provice comfort and induce deep relaxation. It is even possible to send an intention of healing sound remotely to a person who is not physically present. As Karen Hayler, director of the choir, says, “Our rehearsals are not just for practicing the songs, but are an opportunity to ‘send light’ through our singing to those we care about. We sometimes sing songs just for ourselves, and we also have fun together! As Threshold Choir singers, the most important thing we share is a desire to provide comfort and peace at a significant and challenging stage of life.”

If you would like the choir to sing at the bedside of a loved one, or if you would like to join as a singer, please do contact the choir by calling Karen on 07986 911083 or sending an email to [email protected]. The choir can also be followed on Facebook.