Lovely Loon Threshold Choir

Lovely Loon Threshold Choir

photo of loon with chick

The Lovely Loon Threshold Choir was introduced to Grand Rapids, Minnesota, in the summer of 2009. Our volunteer singers are a chapter of the Threshold Choir, an international organization that honors the ancient tradition of singing at the bedside of people who are struggling: some with living, some with dying. As members, we offer the gift of comforting songs at a most challenging stage of life.

We are a small but growing group, and we welcome new members. When invited, we visit as a two-person team, and we invite families and caregivers to be present while we sing. We offer universal songs that have simple harmonies. Our song is our gift; there is no charge.


As of October 2022, our choir has begun rehearsing twice a month in a member’s home. Please email Director Linda Flanagan for further info and changes during our winter rehearsal times.

Contact Us

To visit a rehearsal or to request singers, please call Linda Flanagan at (218) 256-7469 or email us.