Na Mea Mele La'i

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Who We Are

Photo. Sandy path between bushes, with a human figure walking toward the waterThe Windward Threshold Choir sings quiet meditative music with simple melodies and words. Our songs are short, repetitive, and conducive to rest and comfort. We offer our a cappella singing as gentle blessings. When invited, we sing in groups of two or three in private homes, care facilities, and hospitals on Oahu. We sing in larger groups at contemplative events. Through voice and song, we offer presence, care, support, and companionship on the path.

We serve the Windward Side of Oahu and are located in the community of Kailua. We sing at the Kailua location of Hospice Hawaii once a month on Monday afternoon.

Our service is our gift; there is no charge.

Contact Information

If you would like to request singers for a loved one, please email us at [email protected], or you may call one of us: Nancy at (808) 225-2744, Sandy at (808) 561-8702,  Shirley at (808) 239-1703, or Adele at (808) 261-0001.

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