Reno Threshold Choir

photo with pink roses in foreground, mountains and city skyline in background
photo (c) by Joe Hansen

Our Service

The Reno Threshold Choir offers the gift of song for people who are seriously ill, dying, or grieving. Our offerings are heartfelt messages of love and kindness. Through this gentle music, we seek to create moments of grace in difficult times. When invited, we sing in private homes, hospitals, and care facilities in Reno, Nevada. A small group (2-4 volunteers) comes to sing quietly at the bedside for a comfortable length of time — perhaps 15-30 minutes. Our quiet singing is meant to soothe, comfort, and bring peace. In addition to original Threshold Choir music, we will sing other a cappella songs by request, such as old favorites, spirituals, and hymns. We honor all spiritual paths. Our service is our gift — there is no charge.

Joining the Choir

We welcome new members. We ask that you be able to carry a tune, hold your part while singing in harmony, sing softly, and blend your voice with others (or sincerely want to learn). We work together to bring the sweetest and most graceful sound possible to our clients. We ask that you be able to communicate kindness with your voice. In addition, we ask that you attend at least two rehearsals a month and learn our core songs. We rehearse on the first and third Wednesdays and Saturdays of the month in central Reno. Wednesday rehearsals are at 6 p.m.; Saturday rehearsals are at 12:30 p.m.

To request our service or to inquire about joining our choir, please contact us at [email protected].