The Villages Threshold Choir

Practicing bedside singing

Who We Are

The Villages Threshold Choir has just celebrated our first anniversary. We are a growing group who sing at bedside in groups of 3 or 4 in the area around The Villages, Florida. Our hospice-certified volunteers sing to patients in local assisted living and memory care facilities, as well as Cornerstone Hospice House.

Our goal is to bring ease and comfort to those on the threshold between living and dying. We offer a calm and focused presence at the bedside, with gentle voices, simple songs, and sincere kindness. We bring our own bedside seats and sing peaceful, nondenominational songs a cappella with soft voices blended in simple harmonies. We sing for about 10 minutes for each client and don't know who benefits the most: the client, the family, the caregivers, the staff, or us! It is extremely rewarding for us  when we can see a patient relax or the patient or family tells us how much they enjoyed our singing. There is no charge for our volunteer service.

We are welcomed at Mission Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care in Oxford, Florida

We Want to Meet You!

The Villages Threshold Choir held a "Demo Day" in October 2017 and invited all residents to come learn about our choir. 

"The Demo" was called to order by having a leader sound the starting note and begin singing "Walking Each Other Home" by Kate Munger. We all joined in as a flash mob: as soon as we heard the first few notes, we stopped what we were doing (scattered, welcoming and chatting with our guests), joined her in song, and gathered in the front of the room. You've never seen a room full of people get sooooo quiet sooooo quickly! (Note: This group-singing was a first for us; we are not a performance choir and only sing bedside in groups of 3 or 4.) After a brief description of our choir, two teams of four did "zero-gravity recliner singing" for volunteers from the audience. We took the audience on a tour of the Threshold Choir website and followed this with a question and answer period. We ended our demo by singing "Arms of Grace" by Peggy Nes and "Rest Easy" by Marilyn Power Scott. Several people have visited our practice sessions as a result of "Demo Day".

For more information about our choir, please contact our membership coordinator by email.