Chapters By Region

Chapters By Region

The Threshold Choir has chapters across North America and beyond, somewhat clustered in regional areas. Please see our map for a bird’s-eye view. Note that some locations have long-established choirs that are open to new clients as well as new members, while other locations are just starting up and are not yet accepting clients. Please contact us for more information regarding a specific chapter location.

If you are a singer in or near Milwaukee WI, Glenwood Springs CO, Concord NH, Kingston NY, Brookfield CT, Madison WI, Columbia MO, Bangalore (India), Woodbury CT, Sale VIC (Australia), the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles CA), York (UK), or Tecate BCN (Mexico), contact us and we’ll connect you with interested parties in those areas.

Here is a list of our chapters by approximate region:

Northeast U.S.

Mid-Atlantic U.S.

Southeast U.S.

Midwest U.S.

Great Lakes U.S.

Central U.S.

Rocky Mountains U.S.

Southwest U.S.

Southern California

Northern California

Northwest U.S.



Mexico and Central America