ADMIN—Dewplayer Instructions – Handy song player

Cute little player from that you can use to embed mp3 into an article

If you go to source code, and take all the code that is in between the —- lines, you will then be able to replace the text with yours, and the URL of the song with one you've uploaded.

Before you do that, you should upload the song. And one thing to note it's always best if songs are named without spaces, or odd characters. Use a dash – or an underline _ to replace the space

To upload files

First way: use the image uploader to upload the mp3 (or mp4) file. The best place to upload is to the "general-content-song-upload" folder. Then once that's done, you can grab its path for the url. Which would look something like:



Second way: Use the Song Player "add new file field" below. It will automatically add your song to the folder general-content-song-upload, so again then put the URL in the code below. Once you have that all done, you can copy/paste that whole code into your article where you want the little player to show up and voila, a song in a post.

————insert code from below here —————-

What we need is here

——————– to here ———————–

Note from Ellen: You need to REFRESH after inserting this code (I learned the hard way). The player won't show up when you first click on SAVE.
Also note that not all content types have the SONG PLAYER module that is suggested as the second way to upload songs. In particular, Notes from Kate pages do not.

This player requires FLASH, which means it will not work on iPads or iPhones. Use sparingly and prepare for grumbling.

"m4a" files will not load or play. Convert to MP3 first. Also make sure the file you're uploading has underscores for blanks.