Our Choir Today

Celebrating our 10th anniversary with a chorus from many chapters

We are grateful for the welcome, interest, and support we have received from the public, the hospice community, and the choral community. Professional and academic recognition of the significance of our work continues to expand locally, as well as internationally. 

As of 2017, there were more than 150 chapters of the Threshold Choir. Please see our list of Chapters by Region and our interactive MAP to see our current chapter locations.

Each Threshold Choir chapter is firmly rooted in its local community while also being an important part of our shared community as an international organization. We sing from the same repertoire and share our experiences at regional and international gatherings. Choir members know they are welcome at rehearsals and gatherings outside their area and often make plans to visit when traveling. We also stay in touch by email, blog, and newsletter and through this website. Most important, of course, we share a culture of compassion and respect for individuals at the threshold.

Threshold Choir is a 501(c)3 organization.