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Someone in darkness or difficulty?
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List of 80+ Chapters and Contacts [HERE]
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Announcing Notes from Kate!
Kate has her own blog, where you'll find notes and photos
from her travels, her thoughts about our work,
and related news of interest.

Announcing the Event Calendar!
Wonder when the next Gathering might be?
Wonder no more—check it out here.
Memories and follow-ups from the National Gathering 2012! [HERE]

Announcing the Post It Page!
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We have rebuilt the Sister Site and simplified the content, but all your favorite songs and songbook pages are still at hand. Just click here.

Board Bulletins

A page for your policy questions for the Board and their answers.
NEWS!  Bedside Singing Policy revised. Read about it here.

All About…

For tips on planning a memorial service, click here.
To get inspired about creating your chapter's list of core songs, click here.

Mostly for Directors:
Please check your page HERE.
To add a new member to your chapter, click here.|
To get help creating a webpage for your chapter, click here.
Tutorial for new or renewing members, click here.
To learn how to get business cards with the Threshold Choir logo, click here.
To learn how to order rack cards with the Threshold Choir logo, click here.
For information about chapter finances and donations, click here.
NEW! For tips on using a Threshold Choir banner, click here.

In Loving Memory

We remember singers dear to us who have crossed the threshold. If your chapter would like a memorial page for one of your singers, please contact GuideMe and we would be honored to work with you to create a page.