Tenderly Rain CD


A Cappella music recorded live in the chapel of Dominican Hospital, Santa Cruz, California; Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, California; and Dance Palace, Point Reyes, California.

We join the family of singer Jane H. Saline (1925 – 2002) in honoring the loving memory of their mother and wife. Jane’s generosity, grace, and love of harmony live on. We are grateful for her family’s support, which made this CD possible.

Singing at bedsides is a calling that invites us to be sacred instruments and empowers our voices to be kind, courageous, and creative. Tenderly Rain has 27 songs written by choir members and friends of Threshold Choir. We are grateful to the friends of Threshold Choir for their generosity with their songs and their poetry.  And we love singing our sisters’ songs. See dedication and lyrics here.

  1. If You Knew (A Course in Miracles/Kate Munger)
  2. My Grateful Heart (Laura Fannon)
  3. Hold Me (Marilyn Power Scott)
  4. Come With Me (Rebecca Cone)
  5. You Are Loved (Marilyn Power Scott)
  6. From My Heart To Yours (Maria Culberson)
  7. Holy Love (Patricia McKernon)
  8. Canonic Grace (Inayat Khan/Allaudin Mathieu)
  9. Bit By Bit: Song for Edith (Nancy Schimmel)
  10. Rain Fall Down (Bayla Greenspoon)
  11. Passing Time (choral) (Terry Garthwaite)
  12. Passing Time (solo) (Terry Garthwaite)
  13. Celebrate (Sherrin Loyd), Be True (Terry Garthwaite)
  14. Love Song to a Child (Madolin Wells)
  15. Tenderly Rain (Helen Greenspan)
  16. Fly Away (Elizabeth Weiss)
  17. In Breath, Out Breath (Thich Nhat Hanh/Nina Wise)
  18. We Walk Not Into the Night (Dan Olivieri/Tammy Heinsohn)
  19. Resting In Harmony: The Chair Song (Rebecca Cone)
  20. Eternal Light (Jill Bigwood)
  21. Healing Light (Kate Munger)
  22. How Well (Jack Kornfield/Kate Munger)
  23. May You Be Peaceful (Laura Fannon)
  24. Keep Watch (Becky Reardon)
  25. If No Other Misses You (Stephen Wayne Anderson/Helen Greenspan)
  26. Remember Me (Katharine Osburn)
  27. Golden Thread (Charlotte Jones)

Copyright 2006