Walking Each Other Home CD


Sixteen original, deep, and harmonious songs, sung with intention by a small ensemble of bedside singers.

Our third CD includes some of the Threshold Choir's most recent and purposeful member-written songs, recorded by a group of only 9 singers and designed to sound more like we do at bedsides, compared with our previous CDs recorded by larger choral groups.

Full "liner notes" (dedication, lyrics, stories, credits): click here.

  1. Walking Each Other Home (Ram Dass / Kate Munger)
  2. Singing This Song (Kate Munger)
  3. The Arc of My Life / We Begin Again in Love
    (Kate Munger, Rob Eller-Isaacs / Kate Munger)
  4. Arms of Grace (Peggy Nes)
  5. There You Are (Sue Kiel)
  6. In the Cool of the Morning (Melanie DeMore)
  7. Pure Grace (Marti Mariette)
  8. Ocean Breath (Helen Greenspan)
  9. You Are Not Alone (Kate Munger)
  10. Rest Easy (Marilyn Power Scott)
  11. Life Grace Trust (Kate Munger)
  12. Dear One (Penelope Salinger)
  13. I Am Whole (Estelle Kinsella)
  14. In the Quiet (Irene Favreau)
  15. May Peace Be With You (Annie Garretson)
  16. Walking Each Other Home Reprise (Ram Dass / Kate Munger)

Copyright 2014

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