Who We Are

Many kinds of people are drawn to becoming bedside singers, and for many reasons. Some of us come after experiencing “the shiver” when hearing about Threshold Choir or hearing the music.  Some of us come after caring for a family member or because we are hospice workers or volunteers who have already found ourselves humming, singing, or playing music for patients.  Some of us are devoted to traditional religions, some are not religious, and some have a personal form of spirituality that has no label.

A few of us are professional musicians; most are not. We learn to carry our parts and blend our voices, some by reading music and others learning solely by ear. Many singers have been surprised to discover that we have songs within us that are ready to be sung by others. Our repertoire grows, as do our singers.
Many of us have (or have had) careers, in fields ranging from Art to Zoology, and many have focused on home-based work and volunteering.
At rehearsals, we of course practice singing and learn the music, but rehearsals are also a time to enjoy each other’s company and counsel, and an opportunity to bring concerns to the table so we can “send light” to those we care about. We sometimes sing songs just for ourselves, songs that we would not typically bring to a bedside. And we also have fun together!
As Threshold Choir singers, the most important things we share are a repertoire of beautiful, meaningful, and soothing songs and a desire to provide comfort and peace at a significant and challenging stage of life. 
If we sound like your kind of people and you're interested in doing this work, please see "How to Join".