SAVE—Princess for a Day

We don't envy the judges—so many worthy candidates, from which they must choose only one winner!

Dec 2013—Not many nominees recently, so this one might be uncontested, but nonetheless worthy!

  •  " I registered and then tried to pay with PayPal, but it did not work. Any suggestions?"

The performances nominated for the Compassionate Singer in a Princess Role award are as follows:

  • From <Princess A's> director: "<Princess A> wants to renew her membership but not online. She says it’s not her style."
  • <Princess B> writes "We need to be ever mindful of the needs of our poor volunteer directors." Hey, I'm one of those poor volunteer directors and you're not!
  • From <Princess C> on May 1st:  "If you would kindly send me an e-mail with log-in opportunity after the school year ends (June 7th or so), I'll feel ready to take time to explore on the web then.  Or you can send me a paper form now, to <my castle>."  Then in a follow-up message:  "I guess I am making the statement that for me, two weeks or less does not seem a reasonable amount of time for renewal or else being considered no longer a member. But again, as I say, I am glad to fill out paper immediately if that immediacy is needed. I have received more than enough instructions on how to use the web site. I have never accessed the old web site since becoming a member, and I have not been hit with an urge to browse the new site. I waste far too much time on the computer. I will eventually use the TC site to make things easier for an organization that I want to function, but not until the end of the school term."
  • From <Princess D>, after having to explain why the website was in error regarding her renewal date: "Please know that I have limited energy for dealing with this issue again." You and me both, sister.
  • Entire email from <Princess E>…
    Subject: "Please renew membership for <me, Princess E>"
    "I am out of town [for the next 6 days] and will not be checking emails.
    Please respond later. Thanks. <Princess E>
  • From a frustrated <Princess F>, who turned out to be very nice: "I am sorry I cannot easily navigate this system. If there were a 'Members' tab under which there were a "rejoin" page with simple instructions for doing that, it would help enormously. All of our information could be automatically forwarded/updated and we could pay with a credit card. I can't seem to find such a page. And my browser keeps crashing, making the process doubly frustrating. Please help."
  • From <Princess G's> director: "One of our singers handed me a check for $xxx.00 and said, 'Here is my  membership dues, could you manage this for me?'"
  • Entire email from <Princess H>…
    Subject: "So What Do You Need From Me?"
    "Let me know what you need.
    <Princess H>,
    <MyTown Threshold Choir>
  • From Cloud, an honorary princess (or shall we say Prince Charming?): "i am curious; is membership in the choir limited to females, which website appears to indicate but does not specifically state, and if, why is that ? thank you."
  • (8/4/2012) From a new-ish member trying to access the Songbook:
    I tried logging on today. Didn't work.
    Didn't recognize my password I changed it to yesterday.
    Tried again. Then..
    I switched from Firefox to Safari.
    Didn't work.
    Tried changing password again.
    Didn't recognize my user name as: firstlast.
    etc. etc. 
    I am fairly computer savvy, but this whole process seems kind of cumbersome.

    Of course entering your Username correctly might help!

  • (8/7/2012) Entire email from <Princess J>…
    Subject: "Renew membership? — jdg##"
    "Sent from my iPhone"
  • (8/13/12) Appearing in "Her Royal Highness, Part II", another award-worthy performance by Princess F:
    "This is my 2nd attempt to figure out how to renew. I now have a 2nd message from you that my membership has expired, and I have yet to figure out how to remedy this. It appears you still have work to do with your website in this area. Please help me complete my task to renew."
  • (9/04/12) Hang onto your hats, and keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. It's going to be a bumpy ride with <Princess K>:
    "I belong to a choir and have for years but am no longer allowed to sing with my choir at any outside locations unless I join National. However I don't see membership option on your list of items to purchase through your store. Just cd's and song book which I purchased years ago. How do I join the National organization? Since you are insisting that people buy membership why not make an easy web link towards the purchase available to choir directors who chose to continue with the National Organization after this change in philosophy.

    For a long time this whole have to buy insurance thing seemed so against what I thought the choir was that I stopped singing at bedsides rather than encouraging this change. But I guess I will go ahead and do it. I miss singing to people with my friends. So disappointed that this was a big issue and long for the choir that we I thought we were. Something great."

  • (10/2/12) Honorable Mention (Duchess A):
    "You must not know I have been in communication w/ you, trying to renew.  Cannot do so via computer, nor when there's no $$ in bank.  It's in the mail. In future, I would appreciate an em warning message that includes expiration date rather than blank space for that info."

  • (10/14/12) Oh my, Your Highness:
    "Dear Ellen,
    I tried the link and it said one time only expires Oct 4. I am pretty frustrated that you have not sent me something to fill out and send. I don’t really like spending a lot of time trying to use websites that are not user friendly. Please change my name to <nickname/last name>, not <given-name>.  I really would like to work with you but you have to help me more.
    Princess L"


  1. it showed up again!

    I found this page again! And I see it has been updated. And Ellen has a picture of a person! (Perhaps Princess F needs a GoToMeeting session or a phone call.)

    1. Princess F

      Princess F had extenuating circumstances, so I'm not going to be too hard on her. When I replied with the answer, she apologized and got on with it. I saw her membership come through within minutes of my reply.

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