SAVE—Starting a Chapter

It's wonderful that you want to start a chapter of Threshold Choir! Something has drawn you to what we do, and you bring your own gifts and experiences to us. You have already become a member of the Threshold Choir organization. This gives you  access to information that is available in the members-only part of the website.

Here are some suggesions to start you on your way:

  • Get to know Threshold Choir by reading key sections of the website. We particularly recommend In the Media, Our Values, and all of the sections under "Our Singers" (Who We Are, Why We Sing, and How to Join).
  • Order one or both of our CDs to make sure our music resonates with your musical taste.
  • Attend a workshop, rehearsal, or regional gathering in your area. These events are listed in our Event Calendar, and we can help point out events that might be helpful to you.

In many cases, we can provide an experienced Threshold Choir member to be your mentor. Please contact us to request a mentor.


To start a choir, you need singers. You may already have ideas about people you want to invite to explore the idea of a Threshold Choir in your area. Note that a mix of talents is helpful. Somebody is organizing, and somebody will take charge of learning the music. These roles can be taken on by the same person or by different people. As your chapter develops, additional roles such as bedside coordinator will be needed.

To start a choir, you also need a meeting space. Some chapters meet in a local hospice or hospital, some meet in churches, and others meet in living rooms.

Many chapters meet twice a month. Others meet every every week.

At this point, you may wish to choose somebody to join the directors' email list (a Yahoo group). Please contact us to be added to the directors' list.

Introductory Meeting


The First Rehearsal

start with which songs? (2-3)

songbooks logistics?

After the First Rehearsal