Threshold Singers of Rochester, New York

For musically interested women of compassion and humility, becoming part of Threshold Singers of Rochester (TSR) is an opportunity to offer peace and comfort to people at the most pivotal of life's thresholds — the journey's end. These gifts are offered in a secular spirit.

We formed our chapter in the summer of 2016 and began singing at bedside in early spring, 2017. Our repertoire — comprised mostly of 3-part harmony and much of it copyrighted to the individual composers — is sung softly, simply, and restfully. An early moment that validated our service happened several years ago at an area nursing home. The family was in distress; their social worker suggested TSR come by to offer peaceful song. Shortly after we sang to her, this precious traveler passed on, and her family observed that "angels had come to take our mom home".

We are comprised of a small group of women of varying backgrounds and ages  all with a compassionate and genuine feel for humanity. We are fortunate and grateful to Nazareth College which generously offers us rehearsal space in Linehan Chapel on campus on the first and third Thursday evenings of the month.

For more information or to request bedside singers, please contact us at [email protected].