Threshold Choir - Listen Online

Early on during the pandemic, I asked a handful of members to be part of a "virtual choir." Each person recorded themselves singing alone and through the magic of technology, we were able to combine the voices to great effect. After hearing the finished product we went on to create the recordings you hear now. My hope is that they are used to spread joy and instill peace during these uncertain times to all who hear them. They are not intended to be instructional recordings.
Tony Estrada
Westside Threshold Choir
01 Sending You Light - Melanie DeMore
02 Pure Grace - Marti Mariette
03 Rest Easy - Marilyn Power Scott
04 May Peace Be With You - Annie Garretson
Choir Members:
Diane Murray
Laura Kanofsky
Sarah Fitzsimmons
Tony Estrada
Nicki Harris
Garrett Weskamp
Produced by:
Tony Estrada
Patrick Hutchings