Threshold Singers of Washington DC

Our group was profiled on a segment of PBS's Religion and Ethics Newsweekly.

Singing at Bedsides

The mission of Threshold Choir singers around the world is to offer our voices at tender times. We follow a long tradition of singing a cappella at times of living and dying — for hospice patients, those who are healing, and others facing challenges. We sing for individuals surrounded by loving family and those alone at the end of their lives. We honor all spiritual paths and have no religious affiliation. The Threshold Singers of Washington DC welcome both men and women. Our songs are our gift of love, life, and heart; there is never a charge.

Sing With Us

Neither a trained voice nor an audition is required. Members are asked to:

  • Be able to carry a tune
  • Be able to hold your own part (or sincerely want to learn to) while others sing harmony
  • Be able to sing softly and blend your voice with others (or sincerely want to learn)
  • Be able to communicate kindness with your voice
  • Be willing to use self-monitoring and accept peer feedback as we work together to bring the sweetest, most blended, and graceful sound to our precious clients

Essential to the growth of our group are regularly scheduled rehearsals where we build our repertoire of songs, reflect on the service we provide, and get to know one another. Since this is not a performance choir, we seek to sing quietly together, carefully listening to one another as we blend our voices. We will discuss the sensitivities of working with people at or near the end of life as well as what may be needed in the presence of their families and loved ones. We work on the art of lullaby voice and balancing our songs. At each rehearsal, members have the opportunity to rest on a reclining chair in the center of our circle and experience being sung to by others. It is a safe and comfortable setting where we, ourselves, can experience what it is like to be nurtured. Singing at bedside comes in time, as each singer becomes ready.

. . . . .

Rehearsals are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month from 7 to 9 p.m. The second Tuesday rehearsal is currently held near the Tenleytown-AU metro stop, while the fourth Tuesday rehearsal is in downtown DC, about a 10-minute walk from the Mount Vernon Square 7th Street - Convention Center Metro Station. There is ample on-street and off-street parking available at both locations. Contact us by email for addresses and information.