Great Lakes Erie Threshold Choir

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Who We Are

The Great Lakes Erie Threshold Choir is a chapter of the international organization of Threshold Choirs founded by Kate Munger in 2000. The group's mission is to sing a cappella in small groups at the bedsides of people at the thresholds of life. The songs we are learning are simple, nondenominational tunes —usually in rounds or three-part harmony—that are comforting or uplifting. We currently sing at bedside for those facing severe illness or death. Family Hospice of UPMC graciously provides us with hospice training and rehearsal space.


We have one rehearsal opportunity each week:  Friday afternoon from 1-3:00 pm. Diane Martone is our Music director, and Cindy Harris of the Pittsburgh Threshold Choir helped us to get started. We come together not only to learn the repertoire but to develop an ease with one another that will allow us to be of heartfelt service to those near death and their loved ones.

Cindy Harris rehearsing with us

New Members Are Welcome!

Because we do not "perform" but truly try to minister to others in a deep way, we practice learning to sing quietly and tunefully with one another, blending our voices to bring comfort and healing presence to those in need. Sometimes we sing to one another in a reclining chair to experience something of what our clients might be feeling. Occasionally we sing together in a large group in a more public setting like a nursing home. We also work on developing the sensitivities needed to truly engage in this work.

If you would like to join us, all that is required is that you can:

  • Carry a tune
  • Hold your own part (or sincerely want to learn)
  • Blend your voice with others (or sincerely want to learn)
  • Communicate kindness and be willing to serve others with the gifts of your time and voice

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining the Great Lakes Erie Threshold Choir, please contact us by email.