Montgomery Hospice Threshold Choir

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We Gentle the Journey with Song

Montgomery Hospice Threshold Choir is a volunteer group of singers committed to bringing peace and comfort to the terminally ill through a cappella song and a quiet presence.

Founded in 2014 and based in Rockville, Maryland,  Montgomery Hospice Threshold Choir supports the compassionate care of Montgomery Hospice by providing bedside singing in small groups to hospice patients in homes and extended-care facilities. Our repertoire spans traditions, religions, and national heritage; we work with the individual and family to choose songs that will offer meaning and comfort. As we sing bedside at the tender stages of life, we are a choir of presence rather than performance. We strive to sing quietly together, blending our voices in a soft, soothing, peaceful lullabye sound.

All voice parts (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) are welcome to join our Montgomery Hospice Threshold Choir in the future, when we resume in-person bedside singing. (Currently our choir is at capacity, and during COVID restrictions we are meeting virtually.) We ask that choir members: be able to hold their own parts independently while others sing harmonies; offer a sensitive and compassionate presence to patients; be receptive to constructive peer feedback as we work supportively to create the ideal blend; complete Montgomery Hospice’s volunteer training before “graduating” to bedside singing.

For further information, please contact Christiane Wiese, Co-Director of the choir, by email, or call (202) 498-3414.