MoorHeart Threshold Singers

MoorHeart Threshold Singers

photo of moss-covered stone bridge surrounded by grreenery

We are a group of women who meet within sight of Dartmoor in South Devon, UK, to sing with kindness and compassion. We offer our gentle voices to those on a threshold — into life or out of it or during challenging times in their lives.

We sing in groups of two, three or four for individuals and families, in private homes, residential homes, hospitals and hospices. We sang for the husband of one of our singers in the weeks before his death. He found it profoundly comforting. We also sing as a group at funerals and baby blessings. If you are involved with a caring organisation and would like a demonstration for your staff, please email Nickie.

Our singing affirms and honours the sacredness of life. photo of light surrounded by small wreath of flowers and greenery; heart-shaped stone in upper rightIn our practices we learn not only to blend our voices in sweet harmonies but also to trust and support one another as we face our own mortaility. We are then able to be present and composed when we sing for people as their lives come to a close.

We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings, and our door and hearts are open to new members. Please email Nickie; come and find out what it’s like to be sung to and then join us if this beautiful service calls to you.