Threshold Singers of Rochester

Between the vibrant music scene in Rochester...

"Music is in the air in Rochester
Hot, cool, rocking, elegant, bluesy, jazzy, danceable — Music flows through Rochester, N.Y.!

...The Eastman School was recently named 'the hottest music school in America' by Newsweek magazine. It's at the hub of Rochester's vibrant music scene..." (Visit Rochester NY)

...and the impressive commitment to the needs of the aging and the dying...

Lifespan  is an organization that serves older adults to approach aging with greater information and supportive services. seemed natural to start a Threshold Choir chapter here...for musically interested women who have a gentle connection to the needs of people at the end of their journeys.

Threshold Singers of Rochester began to take shape in the summer of 2016; we officially launched in March of 2017 and have been singing bedside since April of 2017. We sing at a number of care homes, as well as area nursing homes. We are comprised of a small group of women of varying backgrounds and ages — all with a compassionate and genuine feel for humanity.

We appreciate the generosity of Lifetime Care — one of two hospice agencies in Rochester — who graciously offers us rehearsal space the first and third Thursday of each month at their facility.

To visit a rehearsal or to request bedside singers, please contact us by email.