Santa Barbara Threshold Singers

Santa Barbara Threshold Singers

Santa Barbara county courthouse
photo used with permission (c) Susan Bell

Who We Are

  • We are women with compassionate voices who sing at the bedsides of those who are seriously ill or dying.
  • Solo or in groups of two to four, we sing gentle songs from a variety of traditions to soothe, comfort, uplift, and bring peace.
  • We have no religious affiliation and honor all spiritual paths.
  • We sing when invited by patients, family members, and caregivers and come as often as requested.
  • We sing in private homes, hospices, care facilities, and hospitals in the Santa Barbara (CA) area.
  • We offer this service as a gift; there is no charge.

Although we are not a “performance” choir — that is, our form of service is to sing to one person (plus caregivers) at the bedside — we generally say yes when invited to sing for events and occasions that align with our mission. We have sung for memorial services, hospice-related events, conferences and trainings that focus on death and dying and grieving, in-services, and other community events that help to spread the word about bedside singing.

Singing With Us

  • We welcome new members.
  • There is no audition for the choir.
  • We ask that you be able to carry a tune, to hold your part, to sing softly, to blend with others, and to communicate kindness with your voice.
  • We ask that you be willing to accept peer feedback, in the service of creating the sweetest, most blended and graceful sound possible for our clients.
  • Singing at the bedside comes when one feels ready; it is not required.

We hold events and gatherings throughout the year to further our musical development and the deepening of our bedside presence. We also have the privilege of hosting the annual Southern California Regional Gathering of Threshold Choirs.

Contact Us

To schedule a visit or to join the choir, please email us. You can keep up with some of our doings via our Facebook page.