Threshold Singers of Yellow Springs

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The Threshold Singers of Yellow Springs is a heartful and dynamic group of women, women who are committed to serving each other and our community through the amazing vehicle of “audible kindness” that is threshold singing. Many of us are friends, neighbors, and longtime acquaintances in this small oasis in Ohio, so our lives tend to intertwine, adding to the depth and richness of our bond. We are known for our compassionate voices and our unique, nondenominational repertoire of a cappella songs. 



WHAT WE DO: When invited, a small group (2-3) of our volunteer women come to sing quietly at the bedside for a comfortable length of time (perhaps 20-30 minutes) in hospitals, nursing homes, and private homes. We are sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of the individual and always respect the desire for privacy and family time. Our singing is usually quiet and tender, and is meant to soothe, nourish, and inspire.  

REHEARSALS: Important to our ongoing growth are our weekly rehearsals, where we build our repertoire of songs, reflect on the service we provide, and discuss the sensitivities of working with clients and families at these tender times. We invite all women who feel drawn to this work (and can carry a tune) to join the choir.  A “fancy” voice is not required. Since this is not a performance choir, we work on learning to sing quietly together, carefully listening to one another and blending our voices. Singing at bedsides comes in time, when one is ready. At most rehearsals, we have time for members to rest in a reclining chair in the center of our circle and experience being sung to by others.

We rehearse three Sundays a month, from 4-6 p.m. On the fourth Sunday, we sing at Friends Care, our local assisted living center/nursing home. To schedule a visit or for information about joining, please contact us by email or call (937) 234-SING.