Asheville Threshold Choir

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About Us

Members of the Asheville Threshold Choir seek to bring comfort through song to those at the thresholds of life in Asheville, North Carolina. We sing at bedsides in groups of two to four, offering soft, gentle songs in short sessions. Songs are selected from a variety of traditions, and many are written specifically for this purpose. We respect all spiritual paths and have no specific religious affiliation.

Our chapter formed in the spring of 2017, so we are still growing, learning, and refining our skills. We are not able to accept requests for bedside singing service at this moment, although that time is approaching. We do welcome inquiries from singers who feel called to join us in this special work. Exploring the "Membership" tab of this website will provide an excellend introduction.


We meet twice a month for rehearsals, where we build our repertoire of songs, reflect on the service we provide, and get to know each other better. We work on learning to sing quietly together, listening carefully and blending our voices, and following the cues of the bedside song leader. There is no audition, but we ask that prospective singers be able to carry a tune, hold a part in harmony, sing softly and blend with others, and communicate kindness with your voice. We seek singers who are willing to learn music between rehearsals, and who are open to self-monitoring and peer feedback as we work together. The ability to read music is not required, though it can be helpful.

Contact Us

If you would like to request singers at a bedside or visit a rehearsal, please contact us by email.