Blue Ridge Threshold Choir

Blue Ridge Threshold Choir

Who We Are

Named for one of the two mountain ranges that converge in the Shenandoah Valley, the Blue Ridge Threshold Choir consists of 15 women from Harrisonburg, Virginia. The journey of bedside singing is just unfolding for us, but already we know some things.

Our Mission

Each of us feels called to singing at bedside, offering our voices in unison and a cappella harmony in the Threshold Choir tradition. We use the custom-crafted, beautiful, soothing music of the Threshold Choir repertoire as well as beloved hymns and songs, on request. Most important, we share a culture of compassion and respect for people at the threshold.

We connect with those who need our services through local hospice, retirement homes/nursing facilities, and specific individual requests. We come in groups of two to four singers. Our music is a gift, both to the person at life’s threshold and to ourselves. By giving our voices, we invoke the peace that passes understanding. We do so freely, out of love and compassion. We never charge for our services. However, donations to the Threshold Choir organization are gratefully accepted.

Contact Us!

We rehearse on Monday evenings and Friday mornings near Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg.

If you would like to visit a rehearsal or request our services, please contact us by email.