Butte Montana Threshold Singers

Butte Montana Threshold Singers

photo of a city in a valley with mountains in the background. Part of a rainbow is visible on the left.

Our Mission

The Butte Montana Threshold Singers provide peaceful, compassionate music for individuals at the end of life. Through soft treble harmonies on meditative, uplifting songs, we bring compassion, light, and love to the patients we serve.

Our Community

Butte sits in the Summit Valley in Southwest Montana, crossed by two freeways and surrounded by five spectacular mountain ranges, including the Butte Highlands pictured here. Our community takes pride in its hardworking history and culture of cooperation and diversity.

How We Work

Easterseals-Goodwill Highlands Hospice, the first hospice to serve the area beginning in 1980, operates the Butte Montana Threshold Singers as a volunteer program. We also serve patients in other agencies or facilities when we are able. We will travel to sing at bedsides within Silver Bow County and to surrounding counties as weather and availability permit.

We Welcome You!

Our group of women singers includes a range of ages, spiritual interests, and musical backgrounds. All we ask is that you love to sing, can carry a tune, and have either the skill or willingness to learn the skill of singing in harmony. We promise to welcome you and help you along the best we can!

We rehearse Thursday mornings in Butte. If you would like to visit a rehearsal, please contact us for specific information.

Getting in Touch

You may reach us at (406) 533-0020. Ask for chapter director Sabina Pate-Terry, who will refer you to a membership coordinator to guide you through the process of learning about our chapter. You may also send an email to [email protected].