Crystal Lake Threshold Singers

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night…”
~from “Epitaph” by Sarah Williams

Who We Are

A small constellation of women from northern lower Michigan, some of us have been gathering to sing together since the 1980s. Newly formed as a Threshold Choir chapter in spring of 2019, we seek to hold our community in love and tenderness through difficult times as well as celebration. We come from diverse backgrounds, and all contribute to a repertoire of inspiring melodies collected over the years whose messages are comforting, healing, strengthening, and joyful. We are deeply honored to carry this ancient tradition of prescriptive singing to anyone, regardless of his or her personal or spiritual path.

What We Offer

We offer a calm and focused presence, accompanying individuals on life’s thresholds of birth, death, struggle, illness, transformation, and celebration. We offer our a cappella voices in groups of three or four at the bedside, not in performance, but as a soothing gift to simply be received by clients, family, and caregivers in facilities, homes, or at events. Our songs tend toward the spiritual but not religious and provide moments of grace and solace to embrace and uplift in challenging times. Our repertoire consists of rounds and two- or three-part harmony, and are sung gently and serenely.

If arranged in advance, we can tailor our repertoire to accommodate a specific need and will sing in a larger group as appropriate for the venue or situation such as a memorial, community benefit, gathering, or any event where our music can serve the moment.

Contact Us

You can reach us by email.