Threshold Curriculum

The first recording is what a singer needs to know before going to a bedside.  A 75-minute video covers the culture and philosophy of the Threshold Choir, the history of bedside singing and the Threshold Choir, the music we sing and how we sing it, as well as medical protocols and other important issues around delivering our gifts to patients at the threshold. This Part 1 video is intended for viewing by small groups who can share thoughts and experiences around these topics at several points during the presentation.

The second aspect of bedside singer preparation is the ongoing work we do to bloom into our best bedside selves: vocal improvement exercises, delving into death and grief, and developing inner calm. These videos (Parts 2, 3 and 4) can be accessed whenever a member desires to further develop their skills on their own.

This Curriculum, like our music, is a gift: from Board to chapter, from singer to singer, leader to learner. It’s a treasure we share with each other along this sacred Threshold Choir journey.  

Bedside Singer Curriculum

This is a comprehensive course covering the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective bedside singer. Part 1, Bedside Essentials, is taught as a class, and includes a downloadable PDF Learner Guide for use as a quick reference. Parts 2, 3, and 4 can be viewed any time on each singer’s own schedule.

Trio Singing

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Curriculum

This curriculum was developed to help all feel welcome, seen, and heard in their reality, including both Threshold members and those for whom we sing. There are modules on ableism/ability, economic class, intersectionality, race and ethnicity, repertoire and cultural diversity, and sex, gender and identity. There are materials to read, watch and listen to, exercises, discussion questions, and additional resources. We hope the Diversity Curriculum will generate learning and discussion in our chapters.