Dedication and Lyrics for Tenderly Rain


We join the family of singer Jane H. Saline (1925 – 2002) in honoring the loving memory of their mother and wife. Jane’s generosity, grace, and love of harmony live on. We are grateful for her family’s support, which made this CD possible.

Singing at bedsides is a calling that invites us to be sacred instruments and empowers our voices to be kind, courageous and creative. Spirit moves in us and sometimes is galvanized into songs.

We are grateful to Friends of Threshold Choir – Allaudin, Nina, Jack, Marilyn, Becky, Patricia, Dan, and Terry – for their generosity with their songs and their poetry. And we are especially proud of our choir members' songs.

Some songs are the result of a long night's vigil at a bedside; some are in memory of a loving friend or an inmate waiting on death row; one song arrived in the shower on Thanksgiving morning. All are precious to us. We love singing our sisters' songs.

We honor all the hospice workers, nurses, and caregivers who give so deeply of their precious time and their apparently never-ending supply of kindness to comfort the ailing and tend lovingly to the dying. You are our heroes.

We also acknowledge the many women across the country who, from miles away, have felt this calling, have felt the shiver down their backs when they hear about our work. Many of these women have started Threshold Choir chapters in their communities and we are grateful to have such collegial sharing and artful cross-pollination with them.

I want to thank each choir member for your unique gift to this ongoing project. Each one of you has enriched my road immeasurably.

In gratitude, Kate Munger


1. If You Knew
Lyrics: A Course in Miracles. Music: Kate Munger © September 2004

If you knew who walks beside you
On the way that you have chosen,
Fear would be impossible.

2. My Grateful Heart
Laura Fannon © November 2004.
Translation: Vicky Jimenez- Russo and Olivia Leon

My grateful heart, so filled with years of living.
Memories flow by me like petals on a stream.
My grateful heart forgives so many sorrows,
Brings peace that lasts forever,
Illuminates the dream.

Mi corazón tan lleno de recuerdos.
Si deslizan suaves, pétalos en el mar.
Mi corazón perdona los dolores,
Ofrece paz eterna,

3. Hold Me
M.P. Scott © 2003

Oh, hold me in your love, oh, hold me in your light.
Oh, hold me in your love, O Holy One.
Oh hold me, love, oh, hold me light.
Oh hold me love, O Holy One.
Oh, hold me in love, oh, hold me in light.
Oh, hold me in love, Holy One.

4. Come with Me
Rebecca Cone © 2005

Come with me, take my hand,
Let us wander through this night together.
You’ll be wrapped in the clouds,
And the stars will rock you in your cradle.

5. You Are Loved
M.P. Scott © 2004

You are loved, deeply loved.
You are a well-cherished garden.
You are loved, deeply loved.
You are a treasured child.
All your life, all your days, from the very first moment of being.
You’ve been loved, greatly loved. You are loved.

Drink it in, drink it in.
Love is the life-giving water.
Take it in, take it in.
Know it in every cell.
Soak it into your toes, so the rose that you are fully blossoms.
You’ve been loved, greatly loved. You are loved.

Drink it in, drink it in.
This is what nourishes spirit.
Take it in, take it in.
This is what opens the heart.
Soak it in to our toes so the roses we are fully blossom.
We’ve been loved, greatly loved. We are love.

6. From My Heart to Yours
Maria Culberson © March 2004

From my heart to yours, a song without end.
May it offer you comfort and healing, my friend.
Though I cannot go with you, your journey goes on.
I can laugh with you, cry with you,
Sing till you’ve won your freedom from suff’ring, release from all fear.
May you find all the love that you needed was here.

7. Holy Love
Patricia McKernon © 1983

Open my heart, let holy love flow through me.
Center my soul upon the path of peace;
Make of my life a melody of love,
Singing Alleluia, Oh Great One, Alleluia.

8. Canonic Grace
Lyrics: Hazrat Inayat Khan. Music: Allaudin Matthieu © 1988

O Thou, the sustainer of our bodies, hearts, and souls.
Bless all that we receive in thankfulness,
In thankfulness. Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen.

9. Bit by Bit: Song for Edith
Nancy Schimmel © 2004

Bit by tiny bit, the coral makes the reef.
Bit by tiny bit with but our lives to give.
We build our soil and cities, our stories, our beliefs.
And leave behind a structure
On which our young ones build a place where they may live.

10. Rain Fall Down
Bayla Greenspoon © 1995

Rain fall down on me, heal my body.
Rain fall down on me, heal my soul.
Rain fall down on all of creation.
Rain fall down on me, make me whole.
Rain fall down and feed all the creatures.
Rain fall down feed Mother Earth.
Rain fall down on all the children,
Telling them of life and rebirth.

11. + 12. Passing Time
© foonjoonjoy, T. Garthwaite © 2000


From this day on, I will know peace
And bear the fruits of everlasting love.
And as my cares and sorrows cease,
I’ll fly the heavens like the passing dove.

From this day on I will know rest,
As sweet affection holds my memory.
For I have seen that I am blessed
By all the loving kindness given me.

My soul knows the way to take me home today.
I know I’m only passing through.
From this day on, I will be free
from all the worldly worries I once knew.
And as I go, remember me.
With all my heart I give my love to you.


My time has come.
I’m on my way.
Love is all around me on this day.

I’m moving on.
I am released.
Cover me with everlasting peace.
I’m crossing over the open sea.

See how fast our precious hours flee.
I’m flying home to my true nest.
Freedom lies in heaven’s wilderness.

I know the way to take me home today.
I know I’m only passing through.
I hear my song, it calls to me. I am with you.
And as I go, remember me.
With all my heart I give my love to you.

13. Celebrate
Sherrin Loyd © 2003

Celebrate your heart and your spirit.
Celebrate your life while you live it
Even when it’s hard to do.
Celebrate the best of you.

Celebrate your dreams and your visions.
Celebrate the love you’ve been given
Even when it’s hard to do.
Celebrate the best of you.

Be True
Terry Garthwaite © 2003

Your heart will never break if
Your life is what you make it.
Take it in your hands.
Let your spirit dance.
Your dreams are coming true when
You’re loving what you’re doing.
To yourself be true.
Your heart is calling you.

14. Love Song to a Child
Madolin Wells © 2005

When you were born, we danced together.
Your mother’s arms embraced the heavens.
She held you high to touch forever
In that starry dreamtime ride we weave together.

It’s always love that calls the soul here
To meet again the ones we longed for.
To see your face, the one I dreamed of,
And to you I will return, another passing.

So hold me close to rock together,
The lullabies we sang and treasured,
To sleep again and feel the presence of
A radiant spirit flying nigh on ever.

15. Tenderly Rain
Helen Greenspan © July 2000

Tenderly rain petals of kindness
Over the aching land of my soul.
Bathe me in streams of deep understanding.
Merciful waters carry me home.

16. Fly Away
Elizabeth Weiss © April 2005

It hurts to know I’m losing you.
Don’t want to make you stay.
So I will hold you while you fly away.

17. In Breath, Out Breath
Nina Wise (Thich Nhat Hanh)

In breath, out breath, deep breath, slow breath;
Calm breath, ease breath, smile breath, release (breath).
Present moment, wonderful moment.

18. We Walk Not Into the Night
Lyrics: Dan Olivieri. Music: Tammy Heinsohn © March 2005

We walk not into the night.
We walk but toward the stars.

19. Resting in Harmony: The Chair Song
Rebecca Cone © March 2005

Breathing, floating resting in harmony.
Breathing, floating, resting in love.

20. Eternal Light
Jill Bigwood

May eternal light surround you.
Everlasting arms be around you.
Know that love has bound you to our hearts.
Know that love has bound you to our hearts.

21. Healing Light
Kate Munger © April 2005

Healing light surround you.
Healing warmth within.
Softness, fragrance, comfort.
Healing now begin.

22. How Well
Lyrics: Jack Kornfield.
Music: Kate Munger © April 2005

In the end what matters most is:
How well do I live?
How well do I love?
How well do I learn to let go?

23. May You Be Peaceful
Laura Fannon © April 2005
Translations by Shirley Chen (Cantonese), Stella Perez (Spanish), Quyen Le (Mandarin), Vinh Nguyen (Vietnamese)

May you be peaceful.
May you be happy.
May you be free.
May you be free.


Sheuurung lei ohn sahm.
Sheuurng lei hoee sahm.
Sheuurng lei baht tong fu.
Sheuurng lei baht tong fu.


Que esté(s) en paz.
Que esté(s) feliz.
Que esté(s) libre.
Que esté(s) libre.


Xiang ni bu to'ng xin.
Xiang ni bu to'ng xin.
Xiang ni bu to'ng ku.
Xiang ni bu to'ng ku.


Chu'c ba.n du’o’c yen vui.
Chu'c ba.n du’o’c hahn phu'c.
Chu'c ba.n du’o’c vu’.o’t.
Qua mo.i su. kho-kha'n.

24. Keep Watch
Becky Reardon © March 2005

We cannot follow you where you are going.
What you are feeling, we cannot know.
But we will keep watch, watch through the night,
Watch till your journey brings you home.

25. If No Other Misses You
Lyrics: Stephan Wayne Anderson.
Music: Helen Greenspan © January 2000

If no other misses you, I will.
I will sense the emptiness
Where once you breathed.

26. Remember Me
Katherine Osburn © July 2004

Remember me. Remember me.
I am the stars in the sky,
The eagles that fly,
I’m always nearby.

Remember me. Remember me.
I am the waves on the sea,
The ancient oak tree,
Reach out and touch me.

I’m in every breath you breathe as the wind blows.
I’m in the sunlight dancing on your hair.

Remember me. Remember me.
I am the dark of the night,
The moon’s silver light,
I’m holding you tight.

Remember me. Remember me.

27. Golden Thread
Charlotte Jones © April 2005.
Lyrics inspired by Valerie Walker.

My feet to the road, the road to my feet.
I feel all the love from the people I meet
Who lead me on the path of the Golden Thread.

When we are born, our bright ray descends.
We take up the path and the journey begins
Our searching for the path of the Golden Thread.

Take me home, guide my heart.
From my loved ones I'm never apart.
For we're all on the path of the Golden Thread.