Threshold Singers of the East Bay

Threshold Singers of the East Bay

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From my heart to yours,
a song without end.
May it offer you comfort
and healing, 
my friend …

Maria Culberson

Singing at Bedsides

Threshold Singers offer the gift of our singing primarily to those who are at or near the end of life. When invited, we visit a bedside in groups of two or three singers. Our songs are simple messages of love and kindness. Through this gentle music, we seek to create an oasis of peace at a challenging time.

Our singing is our gift; there is no charge. We welcome caregivers and loved ones to sing along with us, or to participate by listening. We do our best to accommodate a request for a favorite song, musical genre or spiritual tradition.

The area served by Threshold Singers of the East Bay comprises Oakland, Berkeley, and nearby communities. The Diablo Valley (Walnut Creek), San FranciscoMarin, and Peninsula Threshold Choirs serve other areas around San Francisco Bay.


Key to our ongoing growth is our regular schedule of rehearsals where we build our repertoire of songs, reflect on the service we provide, and get to know each other better.  Please contact us for orientation materials and rehearsal schedule, including times and locations of rehearsals.

As we are not a performance group, we work on learning to sing quietly together, listening carefully to one another and blending our voices. Singing at bedsides comes in time, when each singer is ready. During rehearsals, members may choose to rest in a reclining chair in the center of our circle, to experience the nurturing quality of being sung to by the others.

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TSEB welcomes women, anyone who self-identifies as a woman, and non-binary people who were assigned female at birth. If you are a person who can communicate kindness with your voice, carry a tune, hold your part in a harmony, blend your voice with others—or sincerely desire to learn these skills—you may want to consider joining the Threshold Singers.

Contact Us

If you or someone you know would like to join Threshold Singers of the East Bay, or to schedule bedside singing, please contact us at (510) 473-2427 or email us.

Donations are gratefully accepted.