Fort Collins Threshold Singers

Fort Collins Threshold Singers

We are women who have a passion for uplifting others with our music, a desire to bring compassionate support to one on the threshold of life, and the hope of providing peace to family and caregivers. Our singing is our gift, our way of offering a blessing to another.

When invited, we come to gatherings and bedsides to offer soft and restful harmonies in short sessions. Available throughout Fort Collins, Colorado and the surrounding areas, we honor all spiritual paths and have no specific religious affiliation.

To request singers, please send
a detailed email to Lusia at:
[email protected].
To express your interest in
singing with our group, please
send an email to:
[email protected].

We welcome new singers who share our mission, can individually carry and hold a part, sing softly to blend with others, and communicate loving kindness with voice and body. No audition necessary.

Let us not look for you in memory, where we would grow lonely without you. You would want us to find you in presence, beside us when beauty brightens, when kindness glows and when music echoes eternal tones.

J. O’Donohue: To Bless the Space Between Us