Threshold Singers of Hot Springs

Threshold Singers of Hot Springs

photo of water, taken at almost water level, with a rocky bank in the background. Steam is rising from the water.
photo courtesy of Alison Haynie

Water…healing thermal pools of water brought Native Americans to our area centuries ago. Those same waters have attracted generations of visitors to our area, Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas), to experience their healing and relaxing effects.

We are a group of women who desire to offer comfort and relaxation to others through song. We offer these restful melodies to those at a threshold of life who are experiencing pain, illness, grief, fear, or are just in need of a “spiritual lift”.

Photo of group of women seated in a circle, singing. Many have their eyes closed.

When invited by patients, their families, or their caregivers, we will send three or four of our members to sing at bedside in private homes, hospitals, or other care facilities in our area. Our songs are offered a cappella as gentle blessings and not entertainment.

Because we are members of the international Threshold Choir organization, many of the songs we offer were written by Threshold Choir members with intent to bring comfort and peace to the recipients. While they may be considered spiritual by some, they are not religious. We will happily sing for people with any or no religious beliefs. We will also take song requests prior to coming. Our visits normally last no more than 15 or 20 minutes.

We can be contacted by calling (501) 520-7272 or by email directed to [email protected].