In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

Please use this space to share memorial messages about members who have died. Be sure to include full name, name and location of their chapter, and whatever other information you would like to share. It’s also nice to include a photo if you have one available.
Submit memorials to [email protected]

Tahiti Motu—photo credit Ellen Rose 2009

We honor the memories of our beloved singers.

Caryatis Cardea (Threshold Singers of the East Bay (CA) August 2023)

Sally Garelick (Heart of the Valley Threshold Singers (OR) April 2023)

Susan Bradley (Bellingham Threshold Singers (WA) June 2022)

Pat Gonsalves (Diablo Valley Threshold Singers (CA) March 2022)

Betty Kronemeyer (Grand Rapids Threshold Choir (MI) September 2021)

Cindy Mansue (Threshold Singers of Indianapolis August 2021)

Gail Rothenberg (Threshold Choir of NYC April 2021)

Sandra (Sandy) Grace Shepherd (San Francisco TC, March 2021)

Suzanne DeBaun Hopkins (Threshold of Ann Arbor, September 2020)

Vera Maria Mensinga (Heart of London Threshold Choir, July 2020)

Sylvia Carter Miller (Yellow Springs (OH) Threshold Singers, May 2020)

Cassie Loving (Placerville Threshold Singers, March 2020)

Kathy Francis (Port Townsend TC, January 2020)

Sara Emrie (Mile High Threshold Singers, November 2019)

Mary Beam (Threshold of Ann Arbor, September 2019)

Lauren Lane Powell passed on Friday, January 25, 2019.

Jill Hoins (Port Townsend Threshold Choir, January 2019)

Mary Donahoe (Yellow Springs Threshold Singers, Ohio, November 2018)

Nadean Burington (San Diego Threshold Choir, July 2018)

Valerie Walker (San Francisco and Portland TCs, June 2018)

Jeanne Murphy (Port Townsend Threshold Choir, February 2018)

Sue Bartels (Evergreen Threshold Singers, January 2018)

Priscilla Janney-Pace (Threshold Choir of Yellow Springs, December 2017)

Anne Whitaker (Threshold Choir of Yellow Springs, November 2017)

Jana Freiberger (Lower Columbia Threshold Choir, November 2017)

Jane Evans (Port Townsend Threshold Choir, May 2017)

Katharine Green (Threshold Singers of the East Bay, September 2016)

Kelsey Ramage (Santa Cruz Threshold Singers, July 2016)

Kathy Allen (Davis Threshold Choir, January 2016)

Alicia Bautista (Santa Cruz Threshold Singers, December 2015)

Kristina Wilson (Taos Threshold Choir, December 2015)

Gabriele van Geloven (Threshold Choir of Ann Arbor, July 2014)

Anne Allen (Yellow Springs Threshold Choir, July 2014)

Colleen O’Rell (Bellingham TS and Women With Wings, January 2014)

Kathryn Erickson (San Francisco Threshold Choir, May 2014)

Marilyn Chrystal (Sunshine Coast Threshold Choir, February 2014)

Estelle Kinsella (Sacramento Threshold Choir, November 2013)

Claudette Mouton (Santa Cruz Threshold Singers, June 2013)

Lynn Meadows (Threshold Choir of Ann Arbor, March 2013)

Johanna Kreilein (Threshold Singers of the East Bay, August 2011)

Elizabeth Gilmore (Taos Threshold Choir, August 2011)

Deborah McCabe (Threshold Singers of the East Bay, November 2010)

Sarah Martin (Threshold Singers of the East Bay, October 2010)

Jill Bigwood (TC of Southern Oregon and Peninsula TC, September 2010)

Nancy Eagles (Vancouver Threshold Choir, September 2010)

“Mitzi” Mildred Manny (Threshold Choir of Yellow Springs, June 2010)

Judy Macks (San Francisco Threshold Choir, June 2010)

Shirley Wieshaar (Threshold Singers of the East Bay, March 2009)

Jean Westcott (Threshold Singers of the East Bay, August 2008)

Tuvajah—Kathryn Crosby (Threshold Singers of the East Bay, June 2008)

May eternal light surround them.

Taha'a Sunset—photo credit Ellen Rose 2009