Marin Threshold Choir

Marin Threshold Choir

Sometimes at a bedside
Silence, stillness…and song… are all you need.
Relax and trust in simply being there
Without needing conversation to mediate the tender connection you share.

photo of iris by Susan Garrett

Who We Are

We are compassionate singers providing comfort to people near the end of life. When invited, we come in groups of two or three to offer soothing songs and restful harmonies, seeking to create an oasis at a challenging time. Visits usually last about 15 to 20 minutes. Singing throughout Marin County, California, we honor all spiritual paths and have no religious affiliation.

Our singing is a gift; there is no charge for our service. However, as a non-profit organization, we are grateful for donations in any amount.

Sing With Us

Please visit a rehearsal! We request that you be able to carry a tune, listen to and blend with others, and communicate kindness with your voice. You are not required to audition or be able to read music. Rest assured, we provide coaching and guidance to help prepare you for bedside readiness at your own pace.


For an annual contribution to our non-profit organization, Threshold Choir International, you will receive the benefits of membership. This includes online access to hundreds of song files and sheet music, as well as admission to online training sessions and workshops. As a member of Marin Threshold Choir, you will need to purchase the Threshold Choir Member Songbook and our newer Addendum to that song book.

Contact Us

To visit a rehearsal or inquire about membership, please contact Jane at (415) 717-5912 or email [email protected].

To request bedside singing, please contact Sharon at (415) 342-1044. We are usually able to provide singers within 24-48 hours of your request.