Mid Hudson Valley Threshold Choir

Mid Hudson Valley Threshold Choir

The Mid HV TC was formed in Kingston, New York in January 2023. We honor the ancient tradition of singing at the bedsides for those who are at the thresholds of living and dying.

Threshold singers bring a calm presence, blended lullaby voices, and simple harmonies to give kindness and comfort to those at the threshold and to their loved ones who may be present at the bedside. When invited we come as two or three singers to offer songs that carry messages of love, strength, healing, and peace.

Our song service is non-denominational and provided without cost.

To Sing With Us

We welcome new members to our chapter. We do not require auditions but a prospective singer must be a good listener, be able to carry a tune and must be willing to accept feedback while we learn to blend our voices in harmony.

We practice twice monthly at The Old Dutch Church in Kingston, on the first and third Mondays of the month with flexibility for holidays. 

At our rehearsals, we build our repertoire of songs, prepare ourselves for presence at the bedside and share our voices and reflections on the service we provide.

If you are interested in singing with us please email [email protected] or call Sarah Fitzsimmons at (310) 909-4664. If you would like to request the gift of song for a loved one, please call Diana Shapiro at (510) 388-4932.