Modesto Threshold Singers

Modesto Threshold Singers

group of 7 women outdoors; 4 standing and 3 sitting in front of them

Easy, rest easy;
Let every trouble drift away.
Easy, rest easy;
Love enfolds you and holds you safe.

~Marilyn Power Scott

Who We Are

The Modesto Threshold Singers bring comfort through song to those who are facing a threshold in life — a challenge, suffering, grief, serious illness, or dying. When invited by family, friends, clergy, caregivers, or medical professionals, we sing at bedside in groups of two to four, offering soft, restful songs in short sessions designed to comfort and support. Through this gentle music, we seek to create an oasis of peace at a challenging time. We honor all spiritual paths and have no religious affiliation. Modesto Threshold Singers was founded when a group of friends experienced loss after loss and felt called to bring comfort to those at the threshold of life and their loved ones. We have brought comfort and ease to people in hospice, hospitals, private homes and at memorial services for those clients who have passed. We sing to our clients throughout the greater Modesto area. There is no charge for our gift of music.

photo of tree with red and orange leaves
Modesto Ash Tree


We practice on the first and third Sundays  from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the northern section of Modesto, California. Our rehearsals focus on learning to sing quietly, listening, and blending our voices as we prepare ourselves for bedside singing. The ability to sing at bedside takes time, practice (during and outside of rehearsals), and commitment to learning and memorizing the chapter repertoire.

Joining Our Chapter

two photos, layered. Top photo is a horizontal oval and shows a sunset. "Modesto Threshold Singers" is superimposed. Bottom photo overlaps and is a vertical oval showing part of a tree with red and orange leaves. Below the photos, it says "Kindness made audible".As a growing chapter, we welcome interested singers to join at any time without auditions. There are, however, some requirements that will help you decide if the choir is a good fit for you.  We ask that you:

  • Be able to carry a tune.
  • Be able to hold your part while others sing a different harmony.
  • Be able to sing softly and blend your voice with others ~ or sincerely want to learn to do so.
  • Be able to communicate kindness with your voice.
  • Be willing to use self-monitoring and accept peer feedback as we work together to bring the sweetest, most blended, and graceful sound possible to our clients.
  • Attend rehearsals regularly.
  • Be willing and able to create time outside of Sunday rehearsals to learn and practice the music.

Contact Us

To request singing or learn more about our choir, please call
(209) 565-1216
or send an email to [email protected].