Moon Over Mountains Threshold Choir

Moon Over Mountains Threshold Choir

photo of moon over mountains

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About Us

We are a community of singers whose mission is to offer the comfort of song to those at the thresholds of living and dying. We hold a quiet, lyrical, and loving presence especially for people facing serious illness or death, as well as for their loved ones. Our voices become the midwife that can aid people in their transitions. We unite as one body, one organism, and together we feel the presence of spirit. We offer songs from diverse religious, geographic, and cultural traditions in the U.S. and around the world.

We are one of two Threshold Choirs serving Boulder, Colorado, and surrounding communities. We are affiliated with Agape Hospice and Trail Winds Hospice. We are available upon request to sing for people at their bedsides, whether they are in their own home, a hospital, a nursing home, or another facility. The physical and emotional space of the clients and their families will determine the number of singers for each visit.

To Request Singers

We welcome requests from family members, caregivers, and friends of those who would benefit from our soothing and loving singing. Please contact us at  (303) 859-0796 or by emailing [email protected] at  to arrange a time for our singers to visit. This free service is our loving gift to those in need.