All Blessings

Arranger: Marilyn Power Scott
Composer: Marilyn Power Scott
Lyricist: Marilyn Power Scott

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Submitter Comments

This song came to me on an Easter morning.  The ‘Daily Good’ email that day had talked about the beauty of blessings, and as I was driving down to my sister’s for the big family Easter celebration, I found myself blessing everything I was seeing out the window—the hills, the birds, the weeds, other cars… And then came this song. I just started singing it, and I liked it!

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Blessings be upon you, all blessing.
Blessings be upon you, all blessing.
Blessings on your waking hours
And on your healing (peaceful) sleep.
Blessings be upon you, all blessing.

Tags & Keywords: Bedside-songs for comfort/healing, Community sings, Memorials, Opening/Intention Setting/Gathering