All Is Holy, All Is Blessed

Arranger: Barbara Murphy-Sanders
Composer: Barbara Murphy-Sanders
Lyricist: Barbara Murphy-Sanders

All Is Holy, Blessed 20180317

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Submitter Comments

I’m involved in a Music Activity Program for the elderly sisters of the Congregation St. Joseph in La Grange, Illinois. We do rhythm and songs to keep the sisters engaged in life. The sisters are old and are close to dying. As they transition and can no longer join us in activities, we’ve begun to go to their rooms and sing to them. We sing the religious songs they’ve sung all their life and songs they request. And I’ve been teaching them some of our Threshold Choir Songs.

I wrote this Threshold Song for Sister Bonnie. The last time we sang for her before she died, there were a few of her grand nieces and nephew surrounding her bed, holding her hand. The sisters and I entered her room (note all these sisters use a walker or wheelchair). The room was filled with the people Sr. Bonnie had known and loved all her life. That day we sang “All Is Holy, All is Blessed” for the first time. We also sang it for her wake. Sister Bonaventure was 103 years old. I am happy to share it with you now.

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All is holy, all is blessed. We are held in holy love.
Be at rest now, in the warmth of Spirit’s breath of holy love.
All is holy, all is blessed. We are held in holy love.
Be at peace now in the warmth of love surrounding you right now.