All Things Return

Arranger: Annie Garretson
Composer: Helen Greenspan
Lyricist: Helen Greenspan

All Things Return 20180213

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Submitter Comments

[2018.01.23—one small change from 2018.01.11 version, in m26 change dotted quarter note to quarter note and eighth rest in all parts.]
[2018.02.01—slur in m13 moved to first syllable of “nothing”, m22 of the low part changed from C-natural to C#.]
[2018.02.13—m38 low part changed from C to C#]


All things return to home.
Each breath released to the skies.
Ev’rything ending begins again.
Nothing ever dies.

Here this body lies in stillness,
its breath to silence turns.
Ashes to ashes returning,
But the soul forever burns.

Returning, returning, returning, returning.

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