Composer: Marilyn Power Scott
Lyricist: Marilyn Power Scott
Arranger: Marilyn Power Scott

Autumn 20150731a

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I love autumn’s richness and its poignancy. The ginkgo trees in Solvang, CA, were luminous and golden one fall, and my thoughts as always turned to Persephone, whom I love. One thought followed another, and the melody came along. Helen Greenspan thought it should have a bridge, so it does.

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1. Autumn has come, with her gifts and her griefs.
Persephone steps down her path paved with leaves.

2. The gingko turns gold and the sycamore bright.
The long sunny day gives her strength to the night.

We turn on the fulcrum, outward sight focusing inward.

3. So gather our stores and remember our dead.
Strike the spark on the hearth, pile the quilts on the bed.

4. Dream deeply and well, and let visions unfurl.
Mend all that is torn until springtime uncurls.


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