Beautiful Gate

Arranger: Kate Munger
Composer: Kate Munger
Lyricist: Kate Munger

Beautiful Gate 20220809

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Submitter Comments

I wrote this for my dear friend Melanie DeMore and her sister Drena when Drena was about 6 months away from her death. I knew that the time was immeasurably precious and that Melanie would arrive right on time. She stood watch over Drena’s bedside and sang to her for 5 days and 6 nights. Their love for each other inspires me deeply.

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[2022.08.09, posted 2022..10.31— Notation of harrmonies corrected to reflect Kate’s original composition; key lowered for convenience.]



Watching and waiting by that beautiful gate.
Its welcoming door opens just for you.
You can’t arrive early and you can’t arrive late.
Watching and waiting by that beautiful gate.