Beautiful Light

Arranger: Yvonne Chester
Composer: Yvonne Chester
Lyricist: Yvonne Chester


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Submitter Comments

I wrote “Beautiful Light” for a 7 year old girl we sing to. Her brain condition causes her body to shut down, so that now she cannot walk, talk, move, or eat. Her only movement is the blinking of her eyes and her smile when we sing to her. One day her brain will shut down her ability to breathe. Her mom shared with us a children’s book about dying, in which a child who has died goes through a dark tunnel and sees light at the other end. And so I wrote this song for our little girl. Despite her limitations, this little soul knows her life is worthwhile, and she is greatly loved and beloved.


Follow the light, its beauty glows.
Follow the light, its beauty grows.
Follow the light, it’s beautiful.
Follow the light, little soul.

Follow your heart, its beauty glows.
Follow your heart, its beauty grows.
Follow your heart, it’s beautiful.
Follow your heart, little soul.

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