Arranger: Kri Schlafer
Composer: Kri Schlafer
Lyricist: Kri Schlafer

Beauty 20190619

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Submitter Comments

This is one of several pieces originally commissioned for Jeanne Finley’s (SF TC singer) film “Journeys Beyond the Cosmodrome.”  It is one of a few from the film that I believe may have broader Threshold Choir usage.  Try it out and see what you think…  🙂

[2019.06.19 Correction in line 2—”knots” was erroneously notated as C to down to G and should have been C down to B.]


Beauty I have learned to love here, make my way.
Take old knots, weave a new pattern into the cloth, into our hair.
And we shall live in care and tenderness.