Bendito Sea

Arranger: Laura Fannon
Composer: Laura Fannon
Lyricist: Laura Fannon

Bendito Sea 3-part 20190920

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Submitter Comments

When I was 15, I attended a Spanish Mass in San Francisco’s Mission District with my aunt. I was struck by the sweetness of the music, sung straight from the heart. I wanted to write a song for Spanish-speaking clients and families that evoked that feeling but that was not specifically religious so that it might have broader application.

[2019.09.20—Harmony parts added. Timing in measure 11 corrected. Transposed down from F major to C major. Notation playback sound file added to help with learning parts.]

Note:  I also give permission for Threshold Choir members to share my songs, sung by them but not recorded, by virtual means in private venues (such as Zoom calls to private clients or nursing homes), but not to post or livestream the songs on social media or in public venues unless I give special permission for this. (Applies to all songs on TC website that I have contributed or will contribute.)


Adondequiera que se vaya, le rodea el amor.
Bendito sea, bendito sea.
En la noche la más oscura, brillan estrellas alrededor.
Bendito sea, bendito sea.

Tags & Keywords: Spanish blessed