Blessings on Your Journey

Arranger: Marilyn Power Scott
Composer: Marilyn Power Scott
Lyricist: Marilyn Power Scott

Blessings on Your Journey 20140413a

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Submitter Comments

We had been asked to sing at bedsides for several people, and we were going to sing at a cluster of memorial services. I wanted there to be a valedictorian send off, a way we could say goodbye free of sadness. And this is what came. It has a lot of applications—it can be used for any journey…blessings on your journey far…whatever journey one’s embarking upon.

This song can expand to 8 parts by starting a new voice at each measure.

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[2014.04.13a—Songwriter’s email address updated.]


Blessings on your journey,
Blessings on your journey,
Blessings on your journey home.

2. Gentle hands to guide you safely home.

3. Loving hearts to greet you safely home.

4. Respite for the weary safely home.

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