Calming, Resting, Breathing

Arranger: Patricia Hallam
Composer: Patricia Hallam
Lyricist: Patricia Hallam


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Submitter Comments

This song came into being one day as I was meditating. I was upset, agitated, and worried by some things going on in my life that day, so I decided to just sit and focus on my breathing for a while, in an attempt to quiet my thoughts and come back to center. As I followed my breath in and out, my thoughts and emotions calmed, and I was able to lay down the things that were burdening me and simply rest in my breathing for a while. The song came to me at that point, as I was reflecting on the experience I’d just had. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to sing this for and with other people and am so grateful that the song seems able to facilitate this experience in others as well.

We’ve enjoyed building this song as follows: melody alone, repeating the line twice, then melody and high part together, repeating the line twice, then all three parts for as long as desired.

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Calming, resting, breathing.
I lay my burdens down.