Can I Stand Here for You?

Arranger: Kate Munger
Composer: Kate Munger
Lyricist: Kate Munger


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Submitter Comments

Juanita Wilson and Tammy Duckworth were injured soldiers from Iraq and they appeared on “Oprah”. Juanita had lost a hand and committed herself to “stand for” any other women soldiers who arrived at Walter Reed Hospital. Tammy Duckworth arrived with the loss of one hand and two feet from her wounds and desert sand in her hair. Juanita stood with her for days till she could go on. Tammy went on to become Undersecretary of Veterans Affairs and now she is the U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 8th congressional district. I wanted to honor these two brave women with this song.

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Can I stand here for you?
May I use my heart as a gate?
We may not need words, we may not need songs,
We may only need our two hearts beating.

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