Circles…Holding Harmony

Composer: Marcia Bernstein
Lyricist: Marcia Bernstein
Arranger: Marcia Bernstein


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Submitter Comments

I’ve benefited from multiple workshops fostering self-empowerment, conflict resolution, and win-win conversations. It has always fascinated me when participants are asked to choose an attribute to receive, embrace, or focus on: abundance, compassion, equanimity, generosity, grace, gratitude, healing, harmony, humility, love, peace, truth—the list is endless. I view the circular interrelationships between these concepts as infinite. Pick one—let’s try compassion. How can I be compassionate if I’m not generous – or loving – or peaceful – or grateful? How about humility? Is it possible to be humble without feeling love of self and others? Is harmony or grace possible without truth and equanimity? In my experience, growth in any one of these traits involves striving for improvement in just about all of them; each attribute is a mirror reflecting all the others. My muse challenged me to fashion the circular nature of our existence into a song. The result is “Circles…Holding Harmony”.

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Life is grace, graceful power,
Life is grace, power,
Powerful abundance, abundance is life.
Like a circle.
Compassion embraces, embraces receiving,
Compassion embraces, receiving,
Receiving precious gifts, gifts of compassion.
Like a circle.
Love is peace, peace is healing,
Love is peace, healing,
Healing is gratitude, gratitude is love.
Like a circle.
Abundance in life…
Gifts of compassion…
Gratitude is love forming circles…
Holding harmony.