Close Your Eyes

Arranger: Betsy Bannerman
Composer: Betsy Bannerman
Lyricist: Betsy Bannerman

Close Your Eyes 20210923

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Submitter Comments

I wrote “Close Your Eyes” immediately upon waking up one morning.  I was surprised by the 1st verse mentioning things one could actually hear and the other verses mentioning things that  could only be accessed by the other senses. But one doesn’t mess with a muse!


Close your eyes and hear the thunder of the waterfall,
the singing of the hawk, the trembling of the trees.

Close your eyes and hear the grayness of the ocean,
the greenness of the cornfield, the black train rushing by.

And while your dreams sail on, your body rests.
You’re breathing quiet air, the air of peace.

Close your eyes and hear the turning of the world,
the early morning (evening) light, the sunrise (moonrise) in your soul.